“When you turn up to meet clients in this, you don’t need to say anything about being green!”

Green Factory Ltd

Sustainable builder Tim Fenn of Green Factory Ltd was able to invest in “something fun and interesting”, as well as environmentally friendly, thanks to his involvement with Sustainable Routes.

Green Factory Ltd is a company with sustainability in mind, but Managing Director Tim still benefited greatly from the advisory support offered by Sustainable Routes, which supported him to invest in an eye-catching electrically–assisted Human Powered Vehicle (HPV).

Through an online calculation on the Sustainable Routes website, Tim discovered the difference that an HPV would have on him, his business and the environment. The savings on fuel alone would have a noticeable impact on Green Factory’s overheads. Once he saw the benefits that it would bring, Tim engaged the help of Sustainable Routes once more to help him buy his dream velomobile.

Tim’s HPV combines pedal power with lightweight materials, aerodynamic design and a rechargeable battery for extra power on hills. As an effective replacement for a car, the bottom-line benefits of the velomobile can be measured in vehicle running costs, with Tim aiming to save the equivalent of 5,000 miles a year in fuel costs.

Tim uses the velomobile, which was built in the UK at a cost of £5,200, for visits up to 40 miles away and from his rural location in Benson, Oxfordshire can reach the centre of Oxford in the same time it would take to drive, park and ride. The batteries are to be charged by a wind turbine on the company’s premises – making it truly zero carbon.

The velomobile has certainly had the required effect on his clients, as Tim confirms: “When you turn up to meet clients in this, you don’t need to say anything about being green!”

Create a free Travel Efficiency Plan for your business and then use the Sustainable Routes online calculator to discover the savings you could make by adopting smarter travel solutions.

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